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Nightswimming by Matthew Leger

On suggestion of summer, the moondrowned in our noondrunk bodies, nakednipple-clusters pocked around the pool.Around the complex, tenant’s eyesaverted & satellited, flashingthick like sangria floodlights, stars spilt milkin blur-patches, cicadas guttered mockinfinities, fireflies remandedus, only… Read More »Nightswimming by Matthew Leger

2 Poems by Nick Weller

Execution The very tip of the bladeWhich anglesInwardsTo form the point Finds the slightestOf spacesIn between dermal cellsMolecules It takes oneAnd moves it away from its neighbor Opening up a great chasmIn which all things… Read More »2 Poems by Nick Weller

2 Poems by Jay Passer

I Haven’t Forgotten the Steinway I promised heralong with the entire inventory of the army-surplus store,plus 10 lbs of diamonds and rubiesstuffed into a 5-lb sack,the complication beingthat I perished last July,and in order to… Read More »2 Poems by Jay Passer

5 Poems by M.P. Powers

The Motherfucking Boat a moonfaced kazakh girl displayingmuch cleavage; a lank-haired liverpudlianof noisy clattering tongue;a spanish dj offering african chants to jupiterand jupiter responding with a late-night summerthunderstorm, the lightning glitteringin the waters and dancing… Read More »5 Poems by M.P. Powers