Untitled by Kenji Siratori

mankind that cannot enjoy my schizophrenic telling is still savage virus-based rewriting systems create spatio-temporal hypermorphism for text including the quantum portability of corpse poetic gangbang of the human body embodies the teleportation of the… Read More »Untitled by Kenji Siratori

4 Poems by Ryan Bry

A stabbing text quaking the heart Moon over Mexico, drawn to the sleepthe entire immediacy of the universeis grappling inside of memy beast uncurls its fangslike paper dot candywondering if I’ll ever sweet timeenough to… Read More »4 Poems by Ryan Bry

Cataractant by Alexandre Alphonse

WaterfallingIn bright rainbow’s shadowsDrop by dropAs if going down a hellish stairwayStep by stepBut refreshinglyAnd in love with it all.

Stillness by Rose Knapp

Droplets of ultramarine pearl levitateHovering above my eyes like a spacecraftWhispering alien melodic silk verses

12th Floor by RM

The man in the ill-fitting suitbig blue pantsand bad brown shoesSinking, drowning into the carpetAt the pulleys, the dings of the elevatorhe welcomes zero(0) visitors empty office, cluttered roompaint chips flood the floorbig old heads… Read More »12th Floor by RM

the risers by Adam Johnson

who dat who dat whodaythey’s benzos, kidripsnorting, first-rate [inevitable]jon thrusts into a clerk of court“holy shit she’s filled with asbestos!”jon diessam experiments withparchment from lamb skinbuckles, fades, freaks,goes back to trade schoolbelladonnas ain’t toxicly“bullshit they… Read More »the risers by Adam Johnson

3 Poems by daniel j flosi

Nauseating vegetable spews brain fungus I no longer open doorsthey bow before me and open themselvesThis pressure relentless jaundicedAnd to think it greens into spacesof supple scrubbing scumI no longer look cashiers in the eyesgive… Read More »3 Poems by daniel j flosi