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1 Poem by Rudy Johnson

Wake up in the morning screaming “I love race communism”, ionoNeighbors are like “that nigga having an episode, iono”Good neighbor is like “maybe it’s the Christmas one, iono”Bitch at the Crisis Center like “I might… Read More »1 Poem by Rudy Johnson

2 Poems by Cletus Crow

Bartender long night serving moodsshe ordered horny and sadi make a mean philanthropic guilt men can be secretly cryptids what adorable yeti they sayno i don’t swing that waybehind eyes my inner child’s alivehe is learning how… Read More »2 Poems by Cletus Crow

Hollywood by Jay Passer

I’m taking her to a movie,We’re going on a dateI can’t recall the last timeI musta been destroyed,What was her name again?Maybe she was hideousPushing a shopping cartStuffed with infant corpses( ).Good lord I’ve shockedMy… Read More »Hollywood by Jay Passer

2 Poems by Colin Gee

You see them ring them bells You see them ring them bellsriding the busat random stopspeople enjoying lifenot commonless common than holy sightincluding not onlythe greasy handholdssponge baths for beds 18 to 24elevator music in… Read More »2 Poems by Colin Gee