The Sixth by Oli Court

Markov sifts through his papers at the lectern, scattering the pages. Young scholars trickle into the theatre, to a man sweating within their heavy trench coats, leaking through their white collared shirts. The students all… Read More »The Sixth by Oli Court

Notebook Page by Mark Young

Making my way throughthe territory in increments.Familiar landmarks, out ofsequence. Left-wing numer-ology purloined by the moralmajority, their daughtersdancing a strange bump &grind as the concertmastertries to keep time & them inline. Their sons weep overlost… Read More »Notebook Page by Mark Young

Poem by Felicity

it’s aprilspoonful of sugarhelped it go downit’s mayseasonal allergies on my dickstill sniffling over shitthought I was celibateroughest month since her evil twinain’t that a seasoned bitchit’s Juneit’s augustthe fifth, the sixthtaking it like somewoman’s… Read More »Poem by Felicity

Sleep by Stacy Black

At the clinic for sleep so badlanguage dries up and curls and blows away like rust,the doctors and orderlies have no faces, just dark cloudsthat blow in like bad dreamswhich just adds insult to injury.I’d… Read More »Sleep by Stacy Black

Two Poems by Aaron Davis

mark the limits i’m losing my grip you saya beautiful secrete will be revealeddoing anything to help is insensitivein thinking back, ludicrousit’s an urgent death,maybe a little breakfast with many loves Trail.Wasteland61/located on the Kanawa… Read More »Two Poems by Aaron Davis

Two Poems by Laszlo Aranyi

The Poet Photographs a UFO “Fix your hat,it’s crooked!” The full-blown crimson unites withthe slimy, sticky olive green of our luxurious rotting.The earth’s surface turns to a dented sheet of tin.The axis doesn’t move.It cannot… Read More »Two Poems by Laszlo Aranyi