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ERIS by Jesse Hilson

For Elizabeth V. Aldrich (1992-2022) who I didn’t really know— Good nothing. Top of the nothing to you. It’s Nothing in America. Just call me Angel, of the Nothing, baby. Just touch my cheek before… Read More »ERIS by Jesse Hilson

Periodic Cicada by Michele Rule

The magicicada have been living quietlyunder my ribcagein nymph formfor seventeen yearsSilently observing my inner workingsmy maturing Now they emergewith a deafening sounda flight of musical notesfrom some double forte experimental jazz gone wrongThey don’t… Read More »Periodic Cicada by Michele Rule

The Dreadful Fortitudinous Sea by Michael Pollentine

Suspended insignificanceAn antSuckingAlien vortexInto the black eyeWith crow’sAnglesRipplingThe dreadful fortitudinous seaChurningA spectralSpherical rushingLooping vacantNull squalorExpelledAnd coatedExistentialDreadThe sheerFullnessAnd severityOf the multitudeUniversalMeeting pointThe visionFrom beyondReached its handsOf nothingnessThrough eyesOf EigengrauInabilityTo orientateThe selfWith experienceAn environmentScaleSo vastDevoidOf even voidOnly… Read More »The Dreadful Fortitudinous Sea by Michael Pollentine

2 Poems by Jay Passer

OUTING DARWIN at first, it was more a suggestionthan a demand-cell installed in ear canalancient Greek whispered tonew Venetian sunken to the knees so I cried gull, answered crow,fashioned from smearson roughened clay walls then,… Read More »2 Poems by Jay Passer