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A form of life that’s much more ancient by Taylor Napolsky

An oval makes up my face
Trying to make anything
To please another person is
Such the wrong move

Face changes when you stare at
It in the mirror, for a second
It goes to something
You want more,
Then in a blink it’s back
To where you were
Composite of our ancestors

Genetics determining
Everything or
It used to
Now we transform through procedures
Making us less and less us

But more toward the next
Stele in the vegetation
Bringing life
Our blood giving us life to eat
What we choose, neurotically
Fixated on each thing

An obsession won’t get you
Far, the light from goodness drains as
This search hums, pushing us
On, leaning with attempts
To make the fictional real
Reconnoitering every aspect

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