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28 pages by GRSTALT Comms

the americans are impatient – they’re going to meld – they’re going to marshal their psychic resources – they’re going to project outwards and see past the redactions – there’s 39 days left and they’re impatient – they’re going to slash and stab…politically – they’re going to watch the blood spray…politically – they’re going to reveal the hidden knowledge of the 28 pages – the americans don’t have time – they don’t have history to spare – they’re going to make the black bars dissolve – and get the names – and get the dates – and find out who knew what – and find out qwee bono – then they’ll know – then it’s the tribunals – then it’s the decorations – then it’s the buffet – then it’s epaulettes and scaffolds – they’re impatient and it’s time – they concentrate all at once – and think about the 28 pages – and all the injustice between them – and they know the lines won’t be there when they look up – because they don’t have time

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