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3 Poems by Karina Bush

The Glory Hole

Bricked into the glory hole at your church
Me and your rat, he’s fine, I have rabies
I forked my tongue in pre-strangulation
You nailed it to a crucifix at your
Crack of manlight, the spermo-gnostic syringe
Now the penitent performing choirgirl
Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth
I’m marble strewn in strawberry flowers
Waving so sweetly through the glory hole
My mouth full of dirt enough to throttle
You dirty old monk with the cock secrets
The dirty old monk with ASPD
Your rat slithers in and out of my cunt
And chews at my heart and ejaculates

The Little White Bird

The monk is in the bath washing himself
His cock floating like a little hermit
In the vastness like a little boy bird
Watching a little girl bird circling
Who flew out of the cunt to sing a song
And die once her duty to love is done
He catches her white body in his hand
He kisses the little bird on her mouth
Heathens run out of her mouth into him
They charge right through his floating animal
And the bathwater foams its heathen foam
And the girl bird flies into her climax
Back into the cunt to be nothingness
New little white girl birds fly from her cunt


I woke in our inverted paradise
You were sleeping and I was so smitten
You the most beautiful of all the men
God’s favourite boy he blessed your beauty
The light of morning stabbed at your torso
Your dick was hard and you were sleep crying
The most sensitive boy with dick anger
Inside your dick a host of slaughtering
Instruments of my Roman feminine
Torture swords of nails and adoring flames
I put my face at your dick the dickbeat
The bruised dick sick with dick blood and white cells
Listened to the wet pain inside your flesh
Your dick was hard and you were sleep crying


Karina Bush is an Irish writer and artist who lives in Italy. She is the author of four books with the most recent, Rotten Milk, published in 2021 by Tangerine Press. Karina’s work has also been featured by the Los Angeles Review of Books, Akashic Books, Expat Press, Fugitives & Futurists, the International Poetry Studies Institute, and more. She is also the Fourth Industrial Revolution Slut – novella coming soon from Tangerine Press. Her website is:

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