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3 Poems by Wilson Koewing


Fuck aiming the grenade
just throw it to a spot
Neil O’Donnell
Bane, Joker, Scarecrow
Mr. Freeze
Mitch McConnell
I’m fine.
I was key bumping fent and drinking box wine.
Do we have to call Alan Grant to get this fossil out of office?
Firefox 0.9
I must watch the video once more
before heading to the grocery store
They shut down the instacart
because I smoked a blunt the size of an infant arm.
Howard be thy name
the duck
I’m straight fucked
Hit the 101 and whipped the whip like Randall Raines
When the blue lights in the rear view blew past
I came

Paul Pierce

Got into another twitter spat.
I know I said I was done with that.
Guess there’s still some child in me
Masters of the Universe and ThunderCats.
Not the first time I’ve heard the pitter pat of sycophants rushing to their keys to twitter tap.
To call me every name under the sun
and paint me as the crazy one.
After all, this is how the mob game is won.
Hardly matters to me,
I can’t see the screen through blunt smoke.
You decide if you want to watch the death of reason.
I’ve got too many foggy miles to hike along the NorCal coast.
Too much Alaskan cod to prep and season.
See when the bluster dies down
out come too many mosquitoes.
So time in that wild grows short
Danny Devito.
If you live by the pen,
you risk it all on what you’ve written.
Sometimes you drink the snake’s blood,
other times you’re snake bitten.
Only the bold dare enter the ring
with foes who screenshot with impunity.
The best defense is build immunity.
Trust me, bra
I can take the scrutiny.
I’m sharking in this pool with a lot of beginners.
Whether rags or nuts winners
I’ll be pushing lunch to dinner.
Bringing the truth from spring to winter,
all years,
Paul Pierce.
Now if you gentlemen will excuse me,
I’m having a scotch and soda to unwind.
I’ve witnessed plenty in this hellscape;
I’ve survived here for some time.

Lennox Lewis

I love the restaurant scene
But deniro driving in the tunnel when it goes all white is it for me.
I will massacre you.
If you say one word as we pass.
I don’t have money to spare.
No story will make me.
Tom Cruise,
Tropic Thunder.
It’s a lifetime before noon,
but bartender give me a flaming dragon.
Johnny Depp,
Circus Circus.
What I won’t be is Pesci,
end of Casino.
Lesson one,
never fuck with a man named Remo.
Lesson two,
this acid is not Amino.
There is only one great ending.
Fight me.
You won’t find another who swings this erratic with length.
Lennox Lewis.

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