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4 Poems by Wilson Koewing

Born, too

I was born Asthmatic.
A coddling mother.
Staring at the world through a nebulizer mask.
A windshield without wipers.
No one cares, and no one should.
I’m as soft as the snow and melting white.
To say this isn’t my world would be a landmine claim.
But I was born into this, too.
And didn’t ask for it either.
What purpose could I possibly serve?
I’m a mongrel.
Who deserves nothing but love.

Moon night

Most relationships have cobwebs.
Away from the cold into hot darkness I bobsled.
In the center of the planet there is nothing but fire.
Touch, lips, hands is all I desire.
I’ve been around for a minute.
I’ve been around for a while.
If you’re young and want to see one whose done it,
I’m your guy.
Allergic to not living my life well.
Have been, was and will be.
Gentlemen, bill me.
I will take all your wares.
I remember, it was about 9 years ago now, when I last cared.
Let me explain something very simply.
I will roll like a dog in the dirt before I let capitalism define my worth.


My mind moves around the world as I strike the match
Ten pins fall in fact.
Drunk off the scotch,
I’m switching lanes.
The city lights are so bright,
I can’t see a thing.
I push on, too long,
throw my car into a curve
and hope to survive when I swerve.
Lost in a mindsight where every thought becomes a lifestyle.
Stuck using nouns as verbs.

A Lot of Fucking Rednecks Hate My Guts

I’ve made like ten,
I’ve made every mistake.
I’m torn around the middle part insane.
The crowd it loves,
we all become one thing.
I can’t be held to blame.
I smoke
I drink
I’ve got to just to sleep.
It’s one o’clock
I just got home
And I am all alone.
Drunk as hell and
Cannot forget the past.
I think about when it ends
And when it laughs.
A lot of fucking rednecks hate my guts.
I’m not as sad as you
But I am just.

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