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8 SHORT POEMS by Charalampos Tzanakis

Chance happenings
have true weight
like butterflies flying around me
when I walk

If at all times
edge of experience
I dance on the margins
of the page

We met one afternoon in your house
and we watched music videos of the far past
we had the times of our lives

Red and pink roses
even at day
even at night
now I grind my teeth at roses
now I grind my teeth at roses

As I sit in the middle of my room
to figure it all out
I go to the window
the sight of my mom and my dog from afar
the sweetest sight

As I do circles around
the neighbourhood
I vow to keep deadly diaries
they will finally lead to light and love

As you peek through my window from afar
I skate outside your flower yard

I now realise that you treat me as you view yourself
so the sun is not so scary

our relation is not a blood one
so I can look at the sky

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