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A King Inside A King by Logan Roberts

Mouth hangs open in exhaustion/
Hangs open and

engulfed in surprise a stream of molten lava oozes out/

Onion eyes ripe for golden harvest/
A wildfire/
At the

gates someone speaks in gibberish/
Pointing and

pointing into the sky as if they are holding a pistol in

their nonkilling hand/
the mind has zero collaboration

at this fine point to kill anything/
except itself/
The lava

is too hot for the pistol/
Flames whip through bones and

eyes become glass/
Jewels in a crown worn by a

Or so the headlines read/
Pointing in surprise

someone oozes/
In gibberish the mind is too hot/

open like a cannibal/
Exhaustion in their nonkilling

Golden eyes engulfed and fine/
Jewels in a

molten stream/
In a stream of exhaustion/
Flames worn

in a hand of glass/
The hand hangs/ Speaks in gates/

cannibal sky points golden pistol hands into the

engulfed mind.

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