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Automatic Sunflowers by Sheree Shatsky

Optical optimist opting out appeals appalling discontinued diseased fruit salad word salad waste wasting time ticking cossack clock tick tic tac never back never ever – face forward … find lives lost … linger lives lived … pounding painful rage ridiculous goings-on goats bleat blame bull bullish bovines miraculous mirages palms ponds pipers piping Paris poofy boujee bougie bourgeoisie bonjour fine finery wine winery red red rhyme Les Mis musical musings maybe somehow somewhere apt allusion allude awesome determined determination why who what how now now … now the time is now … piss pot patriarch grab galavant gooey gushy guilt … preach! … predominant purple durple florple minutiae meandering virtuous voluminous veils lift mesh memoriam eyebrows eyelashes zoot suit trumpet torchiere torch lamps lighting bright bottomless centuries centurions minotaurs zip zap zoop soup whipped walnuts where … stop stare … stupendous saccharine sounds sweet sloppy slop slopped best between sliced sandwich sunflowers, sun shining outside open optimism optimistic opinion incite insight inside like love luscious lemon lime love innate enjoy intuit reveal ravish dutiful Deuteronomy decide denounce ahead a head a hair a hare hear here hips hip hippie hipster tanks tear fear ferocious take us take me with toi unique understatement atypical announcement orchestrate orchestra tremulous tremendous sumptuous sounds cymbals in sync in sight bish bam boom drum roll dramatic gestures jester kremlin clowns clowning arounding catastrophe crazed.

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