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Cathode Ghost by Gwen Hilton

Few know you as Cassandra
When you were given your first name
It sealed your fate
You knew before you knew
Before you read before you knew
Spirits picked your name
Given from beyond
By people that could not know
Bodies crawling closer to
Cathode ray tube Convex glass
Chaise lounge dangerous crevasse
Juvenile romance
Few understood it was Cassandra’s smile
Cassandra’s resignation
Cassandra’s vision Cassandra’s siren body
Cassandra’s call
That lured you into immobility
Elvira when I see you
You are speaking and I am not hearing
The corners of your lips sharpened to a knifepoint betray your premonition
Bodies inside of bodies inside of wood inside of cities
A man lost to himself and the world
Hands wrapped around your lover
The death of your mother
Hands choking you
The monster of the week
Your laugh in my dream

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