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Dead Voices Feedback Looping by Wayne Mason  

Regarding spontaneous music circuitry and ectoplasmic musical practice let us first consider the following: The human field of possible events which can process and convert this raw voice data- they are a function of the relationship by the cerebral cortex and direct data. However, large number of EVP systems create spontaneous music as feedback loop. It is evident that we consider the development of this artistic intention. It is also quite evident data as we to appropriate digital information.  

Separate creatures have been previously studied differentiating between non-, low- and high-EVP capabilities. Variable differences between non-, low and difference measures have been shown likely to report hearing non-directional voices have been suggested for obtaining these factors are involved in causing misperception hallucinations from malignant EVPs which may have implications for paranormal belief on various personality factors current studies. It does not report hallucinated voices in noise music, which may have implications of anomalous voices that appear on pop music.  

People who investigate potentially paranormal electronic sounds, ascertain if they differ from both of voices in noise, but these demonstrated higher levels of sleep paralysis related the skeptical population (non-EVPers) and people show they are interpreting noise as recent years using experimental techniques. EVPers are interpreting sound as future research/ cut-up audio /rearrange/ sync with the EVP. Measures were all to be able to distinguish between obtainable EVP voices, and declaring them art, which supports previous research.  

It is possible use EVP as a technique of collage (highbrow EVP) that EVPers can be classified as musique concrete recordings. Various techniques in auditory test results between EVP techniques general paranormal believers and non-believers. EVPers results may be applicable to the as proof of the paranormal. Previous. The theorist in electronic spectral music; voices are available to him.  

Listening back to those hallucinations – new questions arise concerning the feedback loop elements. When filling out the Investigation Experience Questionnaire, the general population proved capable of cognition. 

These two artists find the technical capabilities of the brain as circuitry dilemmas. The most significant and disastrous EVPs found in conventional electronic music are confrontational and linked together. Only rarely does the problems arise in determining the nature of self from aesthetic-philosophical considerations. However, ear and brain which ooze and complete the disparity between creative thought and technical, that the composer would place upon given instrumentation correspond to the limitations as an approach to these problems. 

Write a thesis of abstract electronic voice phenomena! Splice words and sound- cut-up sounds! Attach a contact mic to a Ouija board- use lots of reverb!  

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