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Fireworks by Wilson Koewing

Eating seared flesh on the 4th of July
Andrew Jackson on the iron horse in the sky
Hot dogs and hamburgers
Grimace’s hands sliced off by Hamburglar
Muscle cars
and highways that don’t end
Nighttime skies lit up
How American can you be if you don’t know all 50 capitols?
How American can you be if you care about anything but capital?
Shooting Nerf Guns at the man in the moon.
Concept of life and death still trapped in cartoons.
Bugs Bunny,
Elmer Fudd.
Hacksaw Jim Duggan,
Big John Studd.
Can we please make America America again.
Dump all the politicians and make America again.
Stop with the fent and make heroin heroin again.
Under the Bridge
We’re an embarrassment to him.
We need another eclipse so we can all stare into it again.
Zygotes stumbling around with eye spots.
Panoramic climate change views
Why not.
It was never destined to be different.
In a million years.
Still here.
While thinking about what might have been
I pop another Vicodin
And wash it down with a fresh beer.
We’ve got the atmosphere piercing Blue Origin bottle rockets this year.
Having babies early 80s
Al Pacino, Robert Denir
O you think that’s weird?
Who cares?
They’re rich.
That’s the only thing that matters around this sommofabitch
I’m by the pool roasted to a fine char
Feeling like a hundred dollars.
Where y’all?
Incapable of pointing fingers at atrocities committed.
Jason Pierre-Paul.

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