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God Like by Wilson Koewing

I want to be like that chimp who saw the sky for the first time after 28 years
Truman Burbank.
To walk up stairs painted like a false sky backdrop and open the door.
Bane escaping the pit.
An invasive species that lives.
The one guy who isn’t supposed to be in the insane asylum.
Class, Kingdom and phylum.
Think it and it happens.
Neo in Matrix.
The Houdini of the straight jacket of existence.
Reality escapist.
The path of most resistance.
A villain with a reasonable ethos.
Shaquille O’Neal making 90% of his free throws.
All Falls Down,
Lonnie Rashid Lynn.
The head space I’m in.
Shohei Ohtani.
144,306,500,000 Japanese Yen.
Never playing the victim.
Leo level list
Hollywood vixens.
Falling 30 stories to my death.
Alan Rickman.

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