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Old Growth by David C. Porter

Splendid dark botanical
cut through deep root system
brainless lichen organism century
pleistocene bark cadaver
interior curse
killed face of mud under
halftorn thorax groaning woodlice sap moon
boreal armor
on back of hand two claws
dark scalar exoglow grass
crown hanging axesplit bough vessel
dirt wound
burntdry cicada clearing
dead branches crawled
chronozone termite gasp decay
structure knot liquid circulation and vinewrapped
sagging rot cut shimmer
inscription on rainscar fascia
bone icon
circle milkweed ritual
large cantharidin soak infinite zero drench
fetid undercountry
bog stem feast viscous conjure
mosquito dread shawl and
witchcought grindstone
scoliotic mossbrine trap sacred
like fractured peatskull rigid in
limestone rotted pond
severed gesture
vomit hollow spell
in old growth

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