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Poem by Wilson Koewing

Seismic West Coast IPA
Bright & Piney
The shimmer glimmer off the water of the community pool.
Marin County.
In the distance,
shaved hills.
Wine buzzed out in Sonoma.
Oysters grilled at The Marshall Store.
Point Reyes Beaches.
Edge of America.
Dungeness crabs downtown Bolinas
Lagoon fog.
Orner’s micro about the deer.
Slight breeze.
A 2pac record
A deep blue sky with no clouds.
Children chattering and splashing
The moment you exit the Robin Williams tunnel and see San Francisco white and glimmering in the distance.
Half of our lives behind us.
Moving fast on bicycles.
How much more time until our hearts stop?
My goodness these thoughts.
Have a couple on me
Bodega Bay.
Watching The Birds on acid
it’s too long.
Pierce Brosnan on the beach in Kauai
Short flights to Paradise
Wine carafe
Charcoal sketching the sunset on Hanalei Bay
Tequila waterfalls
Fatty tunas
Locals call nugs
Thick thighs and plump breasts
Tanned legs that don’t end.
Volcanoes and
The most rain anywhere on earth.
Feather birds
RIP Ted Kaczynski

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