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Sunday July 23rd, 2023 by Wilson Koewing

got blocked by Drunk Monkeys
like playing football with primates
I saw you the other day.
I was drinking Everclear and Limeade.
You looked so beautiful
in the staggering haze of the sun.
I was in bed by seven.
That’s what I call dominating a day
like Bert Blyleven.
Mustaches and Rollie Fingers
rolling spliffs
Holy shit
How will the literary world recover?
Fishing for likes you
Catfish Hunter
Baseball seafood stew
Mike Trout
Tim Salmon
Johnny Tuna
Alan Albacore.
I’m fucking around, man
I’m high as giant ear
Getting a little defiant here
This time of year
Flip you off like Billy Ripken
Redskin Super Bowl wins Mark Rypien
Stop changing team names
Deal with your own problems.
Substitute cottage cheese for yogurt
Have some guts in your life.
Oven burner hash hits off the knife.
Head on fire soaring into the air
like a hot air balloon.
I gave up Ketamine only when my mom sad
I’m scared of you.
Got big plans for this lottery ticket
A villain’s lair or two.
Or maybe train tickets.
See the globe by rail.
Feign interest.
Terminal youth diagnosis.
You’re acting old as hell.

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