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TERMINAL by Logan Roberts

Fire. Power.

Man. Power.


Man. Fire.



Terror. Fire. Man. Terminal. Power.

Terminal. Terminate_


Refrigerated liquid.

Body. Intermodal. (1235)

Liquid body. Frail rail system.

Power. Refrigerated. Engage/engaged.


Expel carbon monoxide. Terror.

The long road. Terminal.

Fire. Body. Celestial city. Battle.

In the middle of a garden.

In the middle of a mind in the middle of a garden.

Dust/sand/snow/moth feeder ship.

An exquisite annihilation.

Body. Terminal. (1238).



Eye. Crawl. Crucified at night.

Terminal. Disease. In the water. In the air.

In the expulsion.

Loose explosion. Bright white. Howling.

Crawl. Caution. For the best. Infinity. Battle.

Feeder dust. Splintered iron. Iodine prerequisite.

Exquisite. Interference: a castle at night without a crown without a thought without larvae. Entering:

The moment. Crucified in the loose explosion. Fire. Dust.



A greeting of any form. A road. Sequence. Patterns of patterns of patterns. The human one.

Pale black phantom. Roaming. In static. White noise of white noise of white noise. Of white noise of white noise of white noise.

Ambient. Terminal. Gloom fields painted. In the eye. (1255)

Power. Business as usual. Business as crucified. Bright white. Fluorescent. Gold. Gates. Terminate_


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