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Ode to altered youth by Charalampos Tzanakis

As I wake up I feel by touch in the semi dark features shared by others

I was not what you wanted, in a way this boy got between us

Obsessive relations with girls and boys around my age would send me in thankless trips around the country
in order to find

That’s in the past

This is why I cry to this day against comparative thought among people, things…

Nobody will know

the twists and turns of my route

won’t be described by the news, I write them now

As my sweet demise is getting closer, I

As I get up from the floor in state I remained for days I end up in pop star pose – it will not be recorded by cameras

For every café meeting A star
would pop right next to my bed / head
A star – star – like me
Hug my pillow

If she is wasting her time, I am wasting my time as well
Nothing days count for something
in my books

If he’s thinking about me
I think about him from my bed
But it’s another day

Flower emerges from
The way from your house to my house
flower emerges

It will not be recorded by cameras – nobody will see
Now I say to myself <<Don’t go home with a secret>>
What if my amenities slip through the cracks
The news will not write the twists and turns of my route
They happening now
I saw all that in my dream

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